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 Duel arena information

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PostSubject: Duel arena information   Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:04 pm


once you have been placed in a dorm you will be given certain amounts of SP...once you gain enough SP to move up the dorms you will have the opportunity to do a rank-up match with an admin/moderator or tester. If you have enough to request a duel simply post a topic under the forum requesting a duel.

to find out how many points you have simply visit your profile.


A challenge duel is basically when one member challenges another member from the academy for SP (points)

With challenge duels there is a fixed amount that has to be challenged... 250 SP.
If you want to challenge someone to a challenge duel simply post a topic under the forum stating who you want to challenge

and if that person accepts you move on and have a match on duelling network.. NOTE: a match is best out of three and you will not be able to change decks in-between duels

Once you are finished post a reply to your original topic with a screenshot proving who won the match and then you will get your SP.

The winner will gain 250 SP..but the lose will not lose any SP


A wager duel differs slightly with a challenge duel. The same rules apply and the same steps need to be met otherwise you will not be gaining any points <--post a wager duel request here

for this one the two people duelling can decide on the amount of SP to wager ( maximum 600 SP)

This time the winner will gain the amount agreed upon and the lose will lose the same amount.


within the academy there will be teams forming up and these teams will have the opportunity to duel each other. If you want to join a team or start your own team please follow this link

if your team wins the duel then each member will gain 500 SP.

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Duel arena information
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